Alchemia client


The renowned Volkswagen brand is a German automotive assembly company with more than 65 years in Mexico.

Target audience: All kinds of people, especially those with mobility needs who, in addition, are attracted by foreign brand vehicles with high manufacturing quality.

alchemia client Volkswagen

Our objetive

Alchemia’s objective is to position Volkswagen in the first place in the entire industry in terms of dissemination and promotion in national media.

Our strategy

Alchemia has a creative and disruptive communication strategy that amplifies the information sources for the distribution of content, events and brand launches. We also use the optimization of tools, technologies with a digital approach.

Our results



publications anually

- 1st. PR place of the entire automobile industry in 2020.
- 1st. place among the most digital brands in Mexico.

Alchemi client Volkswagen